Chapter 2. Browse Section

Table of Contents

Primary Measurements and Classifiers
Data Explorer
Changing Timeframe
Opening/Closing Chart
Basic Search
Advanced Search

The Browse section is designed to provide a friendly interface to explore the various types of time series data stored in the system. The section consists of an advanced search mechanism, a Data Explorer to visualize and navigate through the data, and the Sandbox to arbitrarily combine measurements on the fly.

Primary Measurements and Classifiers

There are two ways to browse measurements in TSDS.

Primary/ Direct Measurements

The raw measurement data as it was pushed into the system.

Ex : Measurements related to Interfaces such as Input Bytes, Output Bytes etc.

Classifiers / Derived Measurements

Measurements built from one or more direct or derived measurement. These measurements provide indirection, encapsulation, and hierarchical aggregation.

Ex : Circuits are derived from data collected on primary Interface measurements.

Primary Measurements or Classifiers we want to explore data on can be selected from the drop down list of Browse tab.